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Kerry Kuhn is all about teaching the basics and then “doing something with them” — like using natural obstacles and terrain on the trail to teach both horse and rider balance, confidence and control. You’ll watch one young colt go from his first saddle experience to going down the trail — the colt is like a kid at Disneyland, exploring and building curiosity. Round pen work? Kerry coaches the audience in how “leaving the round pen” changes the rider’s perspective.

Kerry is also very candid and honest about how the round pen can actually work against you. This series includes online groundwork, avoiding restriction of the horse’s movements, clear communication, building confidence and trust, the effect of noise and movement, introducing the snaffle, riding up and down hills, how to transform aggressive behavior at feeding time, and how to avoid pulling back.

Sound like a lot of information? You bet it is! Kerry wants to help the audience solve problems, promote courage, develop a feel, stay safe, and get in the saddle and ride!


Ridin' Horses with Kerry Kuhn: "Kids and Ponies Part 2"

Kerry continues training both his son Kolt and his pony SueEllen, as well as providing parenting tips for adults.
Posted: 03/07/2014
Ridin' Horses With Kerry Kuhn
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