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Help the Horses and Horse People

A Benevolence Account has been set up by two major horse associations in Oklahoma to assist horseowners and horses recover, rehabilitate and reunite after the disastrous tornadoes  of May, 2013 in Moore, OK and, other, in other Oklahoma locations.

The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association and the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma have banded together “at ground level” to assess needs and provide financial relief to horse owners, trainers and medical personnel to find, treat and care for horses.  Horseowners and trainers also have needs and these, too, will be addressed by the combined coalition of the OQHRA and TRAO, noted above.

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Tour of Remains of the Orr Family Farm After OK Tornado

Tom Orr, owner of Orr Family Farm and Celestial Training Center, gives us a tour of what's left of the Orr Family Farm after OK tornado.
Posted: 05/26/2013

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