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Arcadia, CA, March 12 -- HRTV (R), the Network for Horse Sports, will continue to add to its diversified programming line-up when it debuts a new weekly show, HorseFlicks, on Wednesday, March 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

The 30-minute show will air for 13 weeks in the Wednesday time slot and will answer the question: "Why horses leave hoof prints on our hearts."  Each stunningly beautiful episode provides viewers with a unique look at a specific horse breed from among a wide-range of horse types in different settings.

HorseFlicks is a unique series that brings horse enthusiasts the world of horse breeds and horse adventures. With over 90 breeds of horses in North America, it takes a look at selected breeds with exceptional versatility and suitability for ownership. HorseFlicks shows viewers the passion that owners have for their particular breed, and why they have been attracted to particular breeds

HRTV's opening episode will feature the "Texas Thunder Percheron Hitch," proclaimed the "giants" of the draft horses. Averaging 18.2 hands in size, and weighing over 2,200 pounds, this will showcase Guinness Book World record-holders, Radar and Goliath, who stand at 19.3 and 19.1 hands, respectively.

The succeeding installment of HorseFlicks will also highlight the Percherons -- the "Heinz Percheron Hitch" -- eight powerful draft horses that toured North America as a powerful and elegant living history lesson, and ambassadors for the breed.

Other breeds showcased during the HorseFlicks series on HRTV include: the Starry Knight Friesians, Gypsy Vanner, the Morgan Horse (America's first breed), the Paso Finos, the Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan, the Peruvian Paso, Cleveland Bay, the Costarricense de Paso, the Mangalarga Marchadores, Appaloosas, Welsh Ponies, and others.

About HRTV
HRTV, The Network for Horse Sports, is a television-based multimedia network dedicated to equine sports. HRTV’s programming features horseracing from top U.S. and international racetracks, as well as a wide range of world-class English and Western horse competitions, news, original programming and award-winning documentaries covering the world of horse sports. The live stream of HRTV is available on a subscription basis to high-speed Internet users worldwide at <> . In the U.S., the HRTV television network is available via telco, cable and satellite in over 19 million homes.

About HorseFlicks
HorseFlicks was developed by a group of professionals from the media and production industry, who were also all long-term horse people themselves, who wanted to take equine TV programming to the next level. HorseFlicks works with breed owners, breed associations and anyone associated with the equine industry to create new interest and new awareness of their breed, through compelling TV programming about their breed- all at an affordable cost. HorseFlicks productions have been acknowledged with 21 Awards of Excellence from 8 different judging competitions, including the coveted USEF Daniel P. Lenehan Award of Media Excellence.


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